08 March 2009

XXXX Elementary School Parent Survey

The SCSon's school sent home a "XXXX Elementary School Parent Survey".

It contained the usual stuff. What are we doing right, what are we doing wrong.
It lists a couple questions under the heading of "Volunteering" which are all thinly disguised guilt. The real question is "if not,why not?"

The "Safety" section caught my eye:
(click on image for full size)

I'm tempted to answer the first question "none".

Second question: also "none" explaining that "feelings" have no place in safety and security. I don't care that you feel safe enough to leave the front door unlocked at night. It's a stupid thing to do!

3) Allow CCW holders to carry weapons on campus. Explaining the logical arguments: Bad guys are not stopped by the law, they only stop when someone shows up with a gun. Police are at best minutes away, people already on site can stop a bad situation in it's tracks. And how CCW holders are state certified good guys and why.

But I think this is not the place the fight the battle. The prohibition of guns on schools grounds is a state law (ARS 13-3102 (A)(12)). 13-3102.
Misconduct involving weapons; defenses; classification; definitions

A. A person commits misconduct involving weapons by knowingly:
12. Possessing a deadly weapon on school grounds;
So that's the place to solve the problem.

At the grass roots level, we are better off working on a personal level and taking teachers and administration to the range. Opining on this form would likely just serve to cause immediate PSH.

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