28 March 2009

ePostal entry

Beautiful day here in the desert today. Seemed the perfect opportunity to make an assault on this months ePostal match.

This match require 5 sets of 5 shots on the target. Each pass would take on the square targets in any order before shooting on the round center "stop" plate.

These matches are a great excuse to hit the range with a mission and a ruler to measure "good" or "bad" and what is broken that needs to be fixed. This target represents my best effort on 9 tries. Now if you read through the rules, lower scores are better with a maximum (worst) score of 125 and minimum (best) score of 25. I shot a 97. Nothing to write home about.

Still this was a lot of fun to shoot. And it's good practice for our local practical pistol matches where time is the metric.

Reviewing the targets, I think I need to work on sight picture... it's not sighted the way I'm shooting it.

(and whose fault is that?) you got it: ME!

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