31 March 2009

Poor performance results from poor planning..

Well crap...

I have a car that's been on reserve status for most of last year (a 1977 280Z). On reserve status because the insurance payments are a substantial portion of the value of the car, even for just liability & medical. A neighbor has offered to buy the car and I have accepted the offer, but as of yet the deal has not been completed.

The registration expired today, and it still needs a smog check before it can be renewed. So we started the insurance and. and.. and...
And I forgot it needed a water pump... So no smog check today which means the registration will be late.

After sitting for a year, I didn't really expect it would pass emissions, but just taking the test provides a 60 day extension. So that's out. Renewing late incurs a small fine (about $4 last time I checked) and the risk of a ticket for driving on an expired registration.

I should have done this last week and then would have had the weekend to work through this and put the 100 or so miles on the car to burn through the bad stuff that may have seeped into the combustion chambers the last year.

My Bad, poor planning -> poor performance*.

The old pump is now out. No broken bolts which is a definite risk considering the environment these bolts live in (anyone have some left over cosmoline? I just need to dip a couple 3" (er 75mm) bolts. Then clean the mating face and installation is the reverse of removal.

Then smog check..
and registration..
and cash in the bank..
(I hope)

* in my own defense, in the priority scheme of life, this car is pretty far down the list... Below family & job security... below helping out at the SCSon's school, below shooting ePostal match entries.

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