24 March 2009

Old Car Pics

Not here, but here at True Blue Sam's place.

Sometime back I posted about the absurd Grand Canyon trip the SCSon's class has planned. The short version is it's a 17 hour trip up and back the same day, of which only 2 1/2 hours will be spent touring the canyon. But 2 3/4 hours would be spent eating meals. We decided the schools strip is ill advised and opted to take our own trip. We landed at Grand Canyon Valle (40G) and rented a car for the rest of the trip into the park. This takes advantage of the speed of the airplane and turns what would normally be a 4 1/2 - 5 hour drive to a pleasant 1 hour flight. Ours turned out to be a 9 hour trip up and back with 6 hours at the rim.

Obviously this is where the banner pic came from. Again this is a panorama assembled by Autostitch.

The cars in the airport lobby were a bonus. I saw those and immediately thought "I gotta send these to TBS". The obvious question though is why send them at all rather than post here. Quite frankly it's because I don't know much about these cars. When I think of an old car, I'm thinking late 60's to early 70's. For instance, I saw them in person and completely missed the chain drive on the REO (in my own defense, most of my time spent with these cars involved me looking through the viewfinder of the camera). I'd rather send the pics on to someone who knows them through and through to post and comment.

BTW, TBS's place is also a great place to get an inkling about everything you don't know about using a chainsaw. Here in the land of red tile roofs we rarely have to cut down trees, but about once a year there is a bit of post storm cleanup of downed branches that require some chainsaw work. I've learned a lot there.

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