20 April 2009

Hit Magnet

Ok, as a relative noob at this blogging stuff, I tend to check sitemeter on a daily basis. A definite trend has emerged.... SCS is getting a lot of hits from this search term. (see pic ===========>)

My cynical self says a whole bunch of principals or overpaid administrators are looking over their MUMBOs* "Hey I gotta poll the peons, er I mean parents. What questions should I ask?" (They don't even have to look at the poll results, they merely have to check the box that says I asked ("Polled parents").

My answer related around question #3. Dang if there was ever a low hanging curve begging to be knocked out of the park... But I didn't see it at the time. I figured I was preaching to the choir and didn't lay out the arguments as explicitly as I might have. At best, I'd rate my response a "close but no cigar".

One internet post is not going to sway a school leader. But enough chinks in the armor and the logic will prevail.

Quite frankly, this one post has reached further among the interwebs than ever imagined. Should you see a similar request from your offspring unit's school, take the low hanging curve and hit the Homer that I only singled.

update: There were a bunch more hits on that post today. In fact SandCastle Scrolls is the first hit on those search words

* MUMBO = MBO (plural) = Management By Objective

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