15 April 2009

Phoenix Tea Party

Just got home from the Phoenix Tea Party held on the Senate lawn. The estimate on the radio said between 5-6000 people attended. Signs were well in attendance as shown below, but I can't report on anything the speakers had to say because the sound system left much to be desired.

Some self proclaimed Ron Paul supporters broke out their bull horns in the crowd. They really didn't do themselves any favor. We came to hear the speakers and were straining to hear but your bullhorn was just rude.

(click on pics to enlargify)

It pained me to see a child this young having to learn about BOHICA.
These guys were taking signatures to mount a primary challenge against our local RINO Senator. This is a good way to fish for signatures!
I especially liked Mom's Tea or Kool-aid sign.

I wanted to bring the debt star sign but couldn't work out how to print it large enough. I congratulated the person holding the sign as she obviously has a better printer than we do at the SandCastle. She corrected me and said she took it to Staples. Doh! Wish I'd thought of that!
Given the family-friendly nature of SCS, I normally I wouldn't run a picture like this... but the metal work was different enough to make an exception! It also offers a glimpse at the sea of signs present.

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