03 April 2009

Happy un-Birthday to me!

The Big Brown Truck made a delivery to the SandCastle just as we were finishing dinner.

"Need an adult signature". The SCQueen signed for the package.

Calling upstairs "Did you order something? Something nine millimeter?"

"Hmmm not that I recall."

But the return address label JG Sales jogged my memory. I recently noticed a major deficiency for the CZ-82. JG had it in stock and I placed an order. They warned however shipping was running two weeks behind. Checking the order, it's only been nine days. But in that time, I'd forgotten about the order.

After placing the order, I noticed AIM had the Brown Bear in stock. Not only was it a little cheaper, but I'd have saved the state sales tax. Oh well... Shopping around sometimes finds a better deal. (But these days, in stock today does not mean in stock tomorrow!).

Anyway, I'm resupplied on 9mm Makarov. I just may have to take it to the range this weekend!

Update: Hmmm... Last time I bought Silver Bear, it was hollow point ammunition. In fact, that was THE difference between Silver and Brown Bear. Brown Bear was Round Nose while Silver Bear was Hollow Point. Even the image on JG's website shows it as hollow point. (Direct link here. Be interesting to see if this image changes real fast)

But this stuff is Round Nose. Notice they've even changed the packaging. Though I didn't mention it earlier, this was also a justification for paying the higher price over AIM's offering. I sent a message to management. I'll report back with their response.

Caveat Emptor!

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