05 April 2009

How not to get your wife into shooting...

... give her a Ruger LCP to take her first shots.

Made a range trip to try out this month's ePostal match. Guy on the next bench has his wife and (17-ish) son with him. I'd lay odds he's retired Only-One. From the conversation during the cease-fire, it's her first time out. He even warned her it would kick pretty hard. I couldn't believe my eyes when he handed her the LCP to start out with. I thought he'd start her out with something heavier and/or smaller caliber.

She took one shot, clearly wasn't happy with it, fired again, set it down and walked off the line. I was loading magazines for the Ruger 22/45 so I offered to let her try it. She was very apprehensive and showed the back of her thumb where the LCP had bit her, drawing blood. I explained the .22 bullet is much less powerful and this gun is a lot heavier so it will be more pleasant to shoot.

She did a fine job with it. While she was shooting her husband came over and thanked me. He went on to explain "I really bought the LCP for me. I already have a .22 picked out for her..." Apparently the LCP was supposed to be a carry piece. Ok, fine but start her out small as Xav recently related. I pulled down her target at the next cease fire and gave it to her. Nice grouping a little low and to the right of center.

She didn't shoot anything else that afternoon, though I offered more .22 magazines. Meanwhile he'd blast through 17 round magazines in his XD. Good luck getting her out to the range again. That's not a very good way to start.

(However I scored much of his once fired 9mm brass).


BobG said...

A .22 is almost always the best choice for introducing a new shooter, I don't understand people giving a newbie anything larger until they're ready.

Anonymous said...

Ok a 22.is a beginner gun.AN LCP ok thats one thing that even a 9 year old knows thats one way not to get some one in to shooting.(scson)