13 April 2009

NRA Membership premium

SIH has a post about an NRA Bowie knife he received as a premium and concerns about where and how to present it within the house without providing a bad guy a ready to reach weapon...

I was offered the same premium to become a life member. This at a time where I was fully ready and able to become a life member. Quite frankly the display Ki-nif-ee broke the deal. WhyTF would I want with some sucky display knife? Instead I signed up for the 5 year deal because it came with a really nice bag, at a time when I really needed just such a new bag! I didn't need a knife, I needed the bag!

This one has the NRA logo embroidered in black thread on black nylon. The logo is more subdued than I'd prefer, but then I wear a red NRA logo hat into work every day.

I fully expect the life membership will come in the near future, and much of the 5 years I just signed on for will become a moot issue. Just don't "incentivize" me with a worthless, possibly dangerous trinket.

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