26 April 2009

.22 Steel Match

The entire SandCastle crew headed out to the shooting club for the monthly .22 Steel match. It's a match centered on fun. Each stage is shot 5 times and the worst time is thrown out. Malfunctions are cause for an automatic mulligan.

A typical stage has five steel plates set out in different patterns at approximately 10 yards. The stage shown here has the closest plate at ~10 yards, and each successive plate another yard back.

Finishing the last stage there was no one waiting behind us, so we took the opportunity to practice a bit. The stage had the plates are nearly the same distance, but varying heights. My typical "slow but hit on first pass scores" ran in the 4-5 second range. Trying Mr. Completely's "keep the gun swinging and just pull the trigger as the gun passes each target" method dropped the times in the high 2 second range, but typically with two misses. Picking up the misses put the times back in the 4-5 second range. It would probably work well for me but I need much more practice.

In all it was a fun morning at the range and a good way to blast through the better part of a Federal Bulk Pack. The RO's were without exception extremely helpful with the SCSon. We just need to work a bit on the SCSon's sight picture.

The SCQueen mentioned "I'd do that again".

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