13 March 2009


The SCQueen received the invite to the NRA Annual Banquet and Leadership forum. We had heard rumors Rush Limbaugh would be speaking at the banquet but alas is not so.

The envelope included a small yellow slip of paper that explains that Rush has a prior commitment and the banquet speakers will be John Stossel and Oliver North. Both are good people but they are not Rush. The note about "Saturday May 15th" is clearly a typo (This year May 15th is a Friday). But that's in North Carolina while we'll all be out here in Phoenix. Update: I should know better than to skim & assume. That's next year - (Thanks B).

The letter also notes Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be the Honored Guest at the Leadership Forum Friday evening.

PS... The SandCastle Crew is still going to be there!


Anonymous said...

No, the date is correct. Next year's meeting is in North Carolina, and they are talking about having him speak at the 2010 Annual Meeting.

danno said...

So you are correct...

Let me get that on my calendar right now!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, Palin is scheduled to receive the Harlon Carter award on Friday at the Leadership Forum (nearly 5 hours of political rah-rah speeches...), so that should be interesting.

Charlotte should also be fun. I've already heard from several bloggers who plan to travel to NC to attend again.