24 December 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions

One of the traditions we observe here at the SandCastle is the opening of one present Christmas eve. This tradition dates back to when I was young. However the SCQueen has modified it a bit. Back when, we each chose the gift we would open. The SCQueen now chooses for me.

This evening she picked this one out (she bought it so she knew what it was). It's titled "Stunt Studios" which really doesn't describe the toy. I have to think something got lost in the translation. More descriptively, it's an Airsoft(r) target set with a moving target. The target moves back and forth on a 4 1/2 foot track. Once knocked down, the target resets at the end of the track. While the kit includes the track, moving target, "X-18 Pistol" (which bears a striking resemblence to a 1911) and a hundred 6mm plastic BBs, no backstop, nor safety glasses are included. We of course have safety glasses close as the shooting bag and rigged up a towel for a backstop. Still the ricochets off the falling target bounce a long way.

While it's fun, I suspect she may soon rue the day as the 6mm BBs collect in the corners.

Update -- I should add, should you find one of these under your tree, pay close attention to track assembly. There are several permutations (intentional math term) and most are wrong. The track comes in six sections. Two tracks have extra slots cut into them to hold the "Reset wire". One is right and one is left (Couldn't they have made this obvious?) Identify these first. Even after consulting the instructions (which are completely inadequate) SCQueen and I tried several different builds before completely understanding the proper configuration. It would have been so much simpler if they'd have made it impossible to assemble incorrectly using different sized connectors for the ends where it matters.

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