09 December 2008

Behind door number three...

there is a homeowner with a gun!

One of the reasons for starting the SandCastle Scrolls is to highlight local cases that may miss wider distribution. Here is such a story.

From the East Valley Tribune: Gilbert homeowner shoots intruder (emphasis mine)
When the unidentified homeowner did not answer the door, Lopez kicked it to the ground. As Lopez entered the home located near the intersection of Riggs and Higley roads, the homeowner shot him in the face and torso, Marino said. Lopez was able to flee the scene and enter a waiting vehicle.
This well illustrates the point The Arizona Rifleman made the other day about answering the door. This happened at 10:15 am. Could the point be illustrated any better?

The "Rest of the story" should be interesting... This report says two hits, probably at least one A zone hit, possibly two. But he was able to get to the getaway car and now being "treated for non-life threatening injuries". Clearly the caliber he used stopped this attack but might not have stopped a more determined attacker.

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