02 December 2008

Shuffling the deck chairs

Couple housekeeping items here at the 'Castle...
  • The 2A Blog Bash reminder is back. Not sure what happened to it... I'll be there, will you?

  • Marked The Bitch Girls dormant. I'll miss Bitter's commentary and counting the days until the voice will no longer allow itself to be silenced.

  • Added Surplus Rifle Forum to the gunnie links. (H/T Sebastian) I didn't start out to be a collector, but I guess I are one. Lots of good info there and graphical warnings of bad reloading stuff gone wrong. I prefer to learn the painful lessons from others rather than making them all myself.

  • Ditto the hat tip for the GunBlogger rifle match. First scores are up. Yours truly took 4th place by an X with the AR-15. Here's the shot that decided the place:
    My shot just cut the line while I imagine Mike's just missed. Reliving the match I know some things I'll do differently next time. Doubt it'll get me to AughtSix's near perfect scores, but I can improve.

    I submitted scores from the Garand even though I wasn't shooting very well that day (hot and dehydrated is not a good combination), An extra shot from the Garand likely put me in last place. I think Sebastian accepted my proposal to consider the next highest scoring shot and drop out a 10 (and X) and brought in a 6. Thus the extra shot may have cost me 4 points and allowed me to steal tail end Charlie spot from SailorCurt.

    Fair enough, no complaints. It's my screw up and I own it. In a real match, they'd have probably disallowed the entire target or some similar penalty for the procedural error.

    In the meantime, the SKS is all sighted in for the Winter match. I just hope we'll use some more of the SR-1 targets since I had to buy the Midway stack of 100.

  • True Blue Sam the Travelin' Man. Most posts seem related to ancient machines. I happened along one day when he'd posted a couple tri-motor pictures. I too have a soft spot for old machinery, but my definition of old reaches back to the 1970's. TBS's reach is considerably longer...

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