05 December 2008

Official State Certified Good Gal

The SCQueen received her official state seal of approval today. Less than three weeks after taking her CCW class her certificate was in today's mail. About half the time was our fault as she dallied a while to get the required money order. The total processing time was just about one week including USPS time on both ends. She is very happy and proudly showed it off to several friends.

I'll also take a moment to brag about what a grassroots 2A evangelizer she is. She works face to face at the grassroots level and in a very unexpected place. She talks to mothers at the school gates dropping off or picking up the SCSon at school. (occasionally wearing her KalisniKitty shirt). She tells them what a great time she had at Babes with Bullets and about her CCW class.

So far no PSH from the parents. They mostly ask questions on safety rules, safe storage around kids, and how to get started. She tells them of the great instructors at the local commercial range where she took her CCW. She talks about how the instructors have a good attitude (read non-condescending) when working with women and children. They ask what gun they should get. She explains everyone is different and you need to find one that fits your hand. She likes the single stack 9mm Sig 225 because it fits her small hands. She tells them about Ladies day at the range where rentals are free. They can try many different models for the cost of a box of bullets.

Honey, you're doing a great job for the 2A. Keep it up!

Love you hon,

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