12 December 2008

Deliver us from evil

The SandCastle parents are in town this weekend. SCDad shot quite a bit growing up on a farm and was a fine shot in the Army ('cept the GI 1911 which he loathed). SCMom OTOH is quite the hoplophobe. Growing up she only grudgingly allowed her sons cap guns ('course that didn't stop us from making our own,,, not just guns but RayGuns! from boards & nails) An actual gun in the house was unthinkable. She is aware of the present day SandCastle collection* and I'm sure she's not comfortable with it.

SCMom related a story tonight about how a SCSister is hosting a shower for a friend while another friend (relation unsure) was killed by her spousal unit who then turned the gun on himself. Thank God the two offspring units (age 4 and 18mo) were left unharmed. We hear too many stories where the aggressor kills the kids as the ultimate FU. She apparently had enough time to call friends some 30 miles away saying "call police". (I didn't bother to ask why she didn't just call 911 herself). This followed by some hand wringing about how the friends were too far away to help. Calling 911 in behalf of someone else is only slightly better than no 911 call at all. The call will be answered by the wrong jurisdiction and by a third party and the information will go through several hands before getting to the actual "1st responders". Remember the childhood "Telephone game"? Um, yeah.

I couldn't contain myself... I blurted out "this is exactly why I exercise my second amendment rights to keep and bear arms." With further explanation that in case of imminent assault, even if you can call 911, the police are at best several minutes away. All they can do is take the report. etc. You all know the arguments, this recap is preaching to the choir.

But it wasn't to her. Her mindset is "Evil in the world" is a phrase used in church but without much physical meaning (the spilt blood of friends) behind it. Further she's a dyed in the wool "guns are bad/evil" believer.

I wish I'd thought to ask her the rhetorical question (hindsight is always 20/20). "Ok, put yourself in her position. You're at home watching TV with the two little ones. A bad guy is banging on the door. She had enough time to phone a friend, but not much more. How are you going to stop the threat? The police can't get there in time, it's up to you. What will you do?" Then explain how the gun is the great equalizer allowing a 90 lb woman to stop the assault of a 300lb attacker.

What if it wasn't an abusive ex, but a baddy that wanted to kidnap the kids. The baddy won't be satisfied with merely killing the her then turn the gun on itself. It wants to put her kids into some form of slavery and she was their only hope of protection. One of her motherly duties is to defend her children from harm. Children that age can't protect themselves, her duty to them is to survive and protect them.

SCMom however would rather not entertain thoughts of such evil in the world nor comtemplate a plausible response. I've heard people in general have to hear something at least 3 times to learn something new. This was probably her first time considering a positive usage of a firearm in protection of the innocent.

I hope the next two experiences are less traumatic...

* collection, set, assemblage, arsenal. It's all semantics.

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David aka True Blue Sam said...

My In-Laws are anti-gunners and make predictable remarks to me regularly. They always call me when they have a problem varmint to deal with, or a trespasser to run off. They never seem embarrassed when they have me kill a coon, possum, or skunk.

I am very proud of my mother, who has purchased two pistols this year to protect herself in her home. She buys ammo every time she goes out, and has a range pal to practice with when I am not there.