08 December 2008

SandCastle Sunset

These days the "5 minute rule"* coincides well with sunset. Tonight we had a glorious sunset so I raced home, grabbed the camera and ran upstairs to where last night's storm convienently removed the screen. The SandCastle Queen came running in asking what was wrong. She understood with one glance out the window. Here's the shot from the SandCastle upper level.

* the "5 minute rule" (no wikipedia entry) is a somewhat nebulous idea that suggests the optimal time for peons to depart a particular work location. Specifically, 5 minutes after the boss leaves. That being the approximate time for the boss to clear the parking lot. After all, it's bad form to cut off the boss when leaving the parking lot ;-) Thus, Give'em a 5 minute head start and that should be enough to avoid such embarrasments.

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