19 December 2008

Christmas Vacation Kickoff

Beautiful day here in the desert to start my Christmas vacation from the dayjob (tm). High's around 60's light winds and bright sunshine through high thin cirrus clouds. It's T-shirt comfortable in the sun, but a little chilly in the shade.

1st priority was to check out some 147gr 9mm rounds. Hornday's 7th gives a range of 6.0 to 6.7 gr AA#7. Meanwhile Accurate's guide gives a range of 6.5 to 7.2gr with the same bullet & powder. I built a handful with 6.0, 6.2 and 6.5 gr. They all felt anemic compared to my usual 115gr rounds (7.2 gr AA#7).

A friend took advantage of the trip to try out his new toy (Remington R-15 in .204 Ruger). I brought out my AR-15 as well.

We had some targets set out at 100 yards. Here's a shot from the AR-15: Normally I'd be really happy with a hit like this:

But when taken in context of the rest of the target, um well not so much to write home about. I'll blame my aging eyes. Focused on the front sight, the black target is just a fuzzy blur.

BTW, these targets were created in Open Office Draw and designed to duplicate the black portion of the SR-1 target using an 8.5x11" paper. That allows me to put four on a target frame instead of one SR-1.

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David aka True Blue Sam said...

I think it was Sailor Curt who recommended using weak reading glasses in order to shoot better with middle age eyes. I normally read with 175s, which allow me to see my sights but totally blur the target. I can use 100s or 125s and see the target and the sights clearly. It sure is improving my shooting pleasure.